Missing The Point

Not the Quaker teacher fired for changing loyalty oath but the university's attorney who is quoted as saying "It's an unfortunate situation. If she'd just signed the oath, the campus would have been more than willing to continue her employment." Which is nice and all except it would have required Ms. Kearney-Brown to violate her ethical principles when she'd been able to sign the oath with her changes intact.

That is, she'll protect the USA non-violently and affirmed (not sworn too).

But CSU East Bay nixed her changes and fired her. After having worked in education for nearly 30 years.

In an era when we need every single qualified and motivated teacher possible to be teaching, this completely stupid and bureaucratic hoop-jumping serves no purpose save to weaken our already beatdown educational system.

Besides, whatever happened to embracing all religions? Whatever happened to tolerance? It isn't like she refused to sign the oath because she hates the country, she refused to sign the oath because she's opposed to violent means and I have zero problem with that.

Way to go CSU East Bay, instead of expanding minds, you're closing them down because of procedure and protocol.