Initiate Musical Meme

Because I cannot spend my life finding new music to enjoy, I have to rely on the magical internets to provide me with new tracks to get my groove on to. But sometimes that new music takes too damned long to find.

So I thought of a way to jumpstart the process. It has no name yet but the concept is pretty simple. I'm going to start a playlist here with a song and then I'll invite readers to post a comment and repost the meme on their site to gather in more music. At some point the music will have to get uploaded or made available for download because the end concept is to deliver an excellent new playlist to all of the participants.

Did any of that make any sense? If not then let's just pretend it did and move forward. I'll update this post as new songs are joined to the list.

And hey, random idea, I just thought about posting two songs and allowing the other participants to vote on which of the two makes the cut but that'll complicate the endeavor some. I am, as always, open to ideas of how to make it better. Also, this reminds me that I need to finish up my last Cheddar X before it becomes a distant memory.

The theme of the first collaborative playlist is: Up Music
1. Ok Go - Get Over It