One of the headaches that I deal with is the splitting of my work between three different and distinct schools, each with their own budgetary constraints and requirements and procedures. Oh, and staff, students, campuses, principals and levels of technology penetration but that's to be expected.

What I didn't really expect is how much of a pain in the butt it is to get some things paid. My cell phone bill is split three ways, unevenly. My mileage reimbursement is still under negotiation and I don't have any guarantees of a job next year yet. Because of the budget crisis. I think I'll have a job but there aren't any guarantees right now and it is entirely possible that a more senior office worker could step down instead of quitting and boot me out.

I've learned there's nothing more important than having been there longest. Not having been the most useful or efficient, just the one who's stuck it out the longest. Seniority rules the roost regardless. Which seems kind of stupid to me but that's at least partly because I'm one of the lowest ones on the totem pole.

But my principals love me, I've got projects in the works and, until I know different, I'll behave as if I'm going to keep working for the district. Besides, it would totally suck to get laid off again.