Two New Words and Almost a Third

That's right folks, its Two New Word Thursday! And I nearly had a third but I wasn't able to write it down in time and now its floated off of my brain. Oh well. If it comes back I'll carve it into my arm with a stick if I have to.

The first new word is:
Tiren - a tired siren, sort of an anti-cougar. An aging sex symbol who hasn't caught on to the fact that time marches on and no amount of Botox or skunk urine can stop the clock.

Mysticrying - crying for no apparent reason. My youngest engages in this regularly now because he's learned he gets faster "service" as a result. We're actively working to break him of the habit.

And there we go, Two New Word Thursday! Break it off and pass it around! Or go and poke around in the Fictionarium for the whole shebang of new words I've created over the last couple of years.