Two New Schools in Two Days

I started working at my first new school yesterday. I'll start at the other one today. For an hour an a half and then I have to leave for a several hour tech meeting. And then back to the new school again.

Today was interesting, atypical and kind of cool. Atypical because the school was getting cable installed, that is, ethernet and fiber optic throughout. And the hub of activity was my office, which had been used as a kind of closet and was in the process of becoming the server room. It had at least ten Imacs, the kind with CRTs, on each flat surface and doubled up where they could. And lots of dust. Loads of fun.

It actually was a pretty good day. The teachers, as at my first school, were thrilled to have some computer support available again and a couple remarked on the progress I'd made yesterday in clearing out the office and making it usable again.

Wednesday will be fun and I might just be coming home with a new(ish) laptop and a new district paid-for cellphone too. That'd be fine!

And I'm looking forward to getting comfortable with the new schedule so I can start riding my motorcycle and not spend 45 minutes commuting less than 15 miles like yesterday morning.