Turning a New (Old) Leaf

The partial cold I've been battling all week has subsided enough for me to resume my mostly normal activities. One of those things I've been blowing off for far too long are my workouts. For months I could blame it on my Bowflex residing out in the garage where it was just too far and too darned cold to workout. But a couple of weeks ago we reorganized the office to make space in there again so I could eliminate two of my biggest and lamest excuses.

And, without much fanfare, I got a pretty solid workout in last night, even surprising myself in how little overall strength I've lost over the last few months of non-workouts. I guess hefting two little boys is actually pretty decent exercise afterall. And I know I'm getting a workout when I hold one by the ankles and do standing tri-presses with them which they love and really fires up my arms.

Continuing the resurgent exercise kick and taking advantage of the fantastic late February weather we are having and combined with the fact that I'm only working at one local school today, I rolled out to work this morning on my bike. Not my mountain bike with lots of gears to break down hills, oh no, that would be too easy. No, I headed to work on my beloved cruiser, my beloved single speed cruiser which is great fun to ride but a bit of a slog uphills.

And, first thing in the morning, it was more than a slog. I felt my tired old legs complaining bitterly for a good portion of the ride. But that's fine by me, it isn't a long ride to work but it felt it on the long gradual uphills. And it took me as long to cool down as it did to get to work.

Nobody will make time for you to exercise and keep yourself healthy. You have to make the time for yourself. I'm hoping renewing my commitment to exercising and keeping myself healthy will help improve my sleeping abilities and my overall energy level while helping to whittle down on the middle-aged spread I've been fearful of. Also, it should help work off some of my frustrations and that'll make everyone happier.

At lunch I'm planning on attaching my camera to my handlebars and cruising around campus to make a short movie. But I still want a helmet cam.

A question though. Do I totally blow my carbon neutralization by riding my bike if I had some pretty horrific gas along the way?