Taking Stock

I felt a tickle that was alot more like a scratch in my throat last night so I started dosing myself with Airborne and upping my Immunity Boosters from Trader Joe's in an effort to head off what felt like an impending cold.

Which isn't much of a surprise given how busy this flu and cold season is and has been. I don't feel too bad this morning, scratchy throat and some congestion but nothing to complain about too much. If it gets no worse then I will complain not at all. But if this is the tip of the iceberg then brace yourself for a week of bitterness.

Also, we never did get hit with the major winter storm over the weekend that we were promised/warned about. We got rain and sometimes very heavy rain but nothing like the Noah-esque deluge we were told to expect. And that's fine, I've had plenty of wiping Nande's muddy paws off after every trip outside. Also, my bikes look at my very sadly everytime I go out into the garage. Soon, my pretties, soon.

Today should be a pretty good day though. I'll make a few steps further along on the new computer demonstration project and I might even tear apart one of the Emacs to replace its hard drive (thanks Apple, for burying the hard drive and making replacements a maor, major pain in the ass!).