The Search for the Perfect Tool

Since I've become a full-time repair geek I've been hunting for my personal holy grail of tools. A pocketable tool with hex (or allen) wrenches, small torx wrenches, that annoying square one and both philips and flat screw drivers. Anything else would be bonus. Like a knife or a USB flash drive or a light.

So far I've come only somewhat close. Park Tools makes one called the IB-2 but its Torx is a 25 and is useless to me. I did find something called the Hama PC Multi-Tool that looks more like a Swiss Army knife than a multi-tool.

All I want is to combine one of these with just a couple of hex wrenches on this one and this. Without, you know, having to buy them all, take them apart and put them together the way I want them. Which might just be my last resort.