I'm Sorry, Do I Look Like Prey?

Apparently I do look like prey if you're the branch manager for the local American General Financial Services. They were ever so kind enough to extend me an offer of credit without my ever even having spoken to them. Isn't that nice?

They would love, love, love me to come in and sign on a dotted line and accept $5250 from them to be repaid for the next 48 months at 19.45 percent. That's a repayment of $7594.56 or $2344.56 in interest on a $5250 loan. That's nearly fifty percent in interest.

Gosh, I don't understand why I don't feel honored and just leap at this fantastalicious offer. Oh darn, it fell into the shredder, shucks. At least they had to pay for the stamp to mail it.

Wow, third rant about one stupid local company. Woot!

Oh, and the offers? They're getting worse even if the rate came down a bit.