The Geek Squad is Pwning Your Pron

The Geek Squad's ongoing porn problem wherein the techs are finding porn on client computers and stealing it to share amongst themselves. Or, in two cases, they've found child porn and turned the client over to the cops (likely after the whistleblowers made copies for themselves).

I am all for the widespread distribution of sex-centric media presuming any recipient is old enough to legally "consume" it. And, of course, presuming the participants are of legal age and have consented to being videotaped.

I have a serious problem with children getting access to porn and would applaud Geek Squad's efforts. But then they go beyond their legal bounds and steal materials from their client computers.

And then the company CEO goes and gets questioned at a public Q&A about their plans to address this exploitation and theft. And he first steps in a rather large pile of dookie and then inserts his besmudged foot squarely into his mouth. Lovely and well done, oh Captain my Captain. I wasn't planning on using the service before but now there's absolutely zero chance I'd let an unethical geek working for an unethical company come near my files and data.

And no, I don't have porn stashed all over my computers but I am a strong advocate of privacy rights and expectations of ethical behavior.