The Future is Modularization

I read about Bug Labs in one of my Popular Sciences and finally got around to taking the URL in the story and going to it.

Bug Labs has created a modular device called the BUG, a Linux-based computer with modular attachments to allow users to create any type of device they want. From standard digital cameras to motion sensing weather trackers to GPS-enabled remote controls. The possibilities are more or less limitless, as long as they keep producing additional modules to build with.

Since its an early stage evolution of the concept, the gadgets are chunky but not overly so.

Its kind of neat to try and come up with different gadgets that could be created with this kind of a modular approach. Like it could be possible to make a video camera that only took video above a certain speed by combining the camera with an accelerometer or a motion activated picture taking security device. Or it could hacked into working with Lego Mindstorms and you could make your own robot butler.

There really isn't any limit to what the device can do. And if there is, the developers will build an add-on or new module that'll solve the limitation.

The future is modular.