Why Burning Your Bridges is Just Plain Stupid

The guy who held my position before, as I've noted before, went well out of his way to not only burn his bridges but scorch any possible references for a job in the future. He went so far as to send an email to an entire school district to broadcast his dissatisfaction with the administration, the teachers, the parking and the fact that he had to share his lab computer with teachers.

Well, I heard that he asked to come back to the district and start working here again because he has been unable to find another job somewhere else. You can imagine the district's response.

Unless you are moving to another country it is just stupid to burn your bridges. Especially in a volatile environment like technology. People are always moving around, to startups to academia to any number of other places and you are bound to run into the same folks at some point or another. Any company he tries to get a job with that has any connection to the district is going to know what a crappy and disgruntled employee he is and will pass him over for a better candidate.

I've burned a few bridges in my time but none without really good strong cause. One boss felt empowered to call me on my days off to bitch at me about stuff I didn't do (not stuff that I was supposed to do, stuff that he couldn't blame on anyone else so he just blamed it on me). Another who felt empowered to decide not to pay me sales commissions I'd earned. I haven't run into her again yet but I know I will, eventually and I'm kind of looking forward to it because she was such a hateful and capricious bitch of a boss.

But I would never in my life broadcast an email to an entire company. The stupidity is beyond comprehension and I wonder if he's starting to regret his flameout resignation?