We Took a Drive

Yesterday was my last official full day of holiday break and the weatherman had said it was going to be stormy up north. So we went south towards Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur. Its pretty ridiculous to live so close to such an amazingly awesome place and to not visit as often as possible.

We stopped just a few times to take some pictures but I did get a few that I'll keep. The throwaway shot above is one.

This is another, from one of the many turnoffs and pullouts on the road. Its a neat and very smart idea to have so many turnouts to make it so easy to pull off andreally take in the splendor. Words don't really convey it, pictures hint at it but the totality and sheer majesty of the whole place is beyond the scope of any lens. Not that people shouldn't try, of course.

One of the really unusual and kind of neat sensations I had was at one of the vista points. I stood up on the edge of a cliff some two or three hundred feet up from the water and felt warm air rushing up the cliff face contrasted with the colder air that had settled into the shadier dirt of the overlook. The warm sea air smelled fresh and, very faintly, like faraway places.

In fact,the whole ride was pretty good fun, until Sully got car sick and ejected cookies all over himself and his car seat. That was a bit of a downer for everyone. But we learned alot for our next trip down, which will likely be an overnighter, maybe even with Nande too.