The Very Fecal Nature of Parenting

It occurs to me from time to time just how very fecally oriented parenting is. And being a dog owner is for that matter.

An enormous amount of effort, both mental and physical, goes into keeping butts poop free and skin clean and clear of rashes. Because, if you didn't know, some poop has an alkalinity or acidity that can actually burn sensitive baby backsides.

Luckily there's Boudreaux's Butt Paste for when either of the boys get a little rashy. The stuff is magical. It soothes rashes almost instantly and repairs damage alot faster than you'd think was possible. Sully is totally down with the Boudreaux's, he knows what it is, knows what it does and is happy to lie still so he can get some relief applied.

Grady, on the other hand, will have nothing to do with it. At some point in his few short years of life, he's decided that medicine is the devil's business. He won't allow bandaids on cuts or scrapes, he won't allow Neosporin on those same wounds, he will quite literally freakout if we try to use some butt paste on his butt, even when it is obviously very, very tender and sore.

I'm not sure where he got the fear against medicine but it can be a real pain in the butt (literally sometimes) to try and get some cold meds or some fever reducer down his throat some nights. Luckily someone came up with meltaways that don't actually taste like dirt, they have an okay grape-y flavor that he'll put up with. But sometimes it is just too much of a battle to put up with.

Anyway, back to the fecal theme.

Our life revolves around diapers, wipes and butt paste. Having enough, having enough upstairs and down. Finding the wipes when you've got a kid down and half undressed. And chasing down two little boys who think it is the height of hilarity to turn and run the other way when it comes time to change one of their drooping diapers.

One nice thing about all the rain we've been getting is that I can't go out in the backyard and scoop up all of Nande's poop. And reducing my poop chore list (I might be inclined to call it a duty or doody list) by one is never a bad thing. But I am ready for the rains to go away for a few days so we can dry out. But not as ready as I am for Grady to really start taking to the potty training.