Stupid Fake Contacts in iChat/AIM

Every so often I'll see some "contact" in my iChat/AIM contacts that I have never seen before and have never been in contact with before. I don't really understand why someone I don't know or have any interest in knowing can just appear in my contacts like they're some pal of mine.

They seem to usually be people within Apple but that may just be my presumption.

Today's mystery guest in my contact list is Liv Green, not a real person but a site about, you guessed it, Living Green. The site is busted, I have zero interest in interacting with a contact list invader and would just as soon lock down my list to bar jackhole interlopers altogether.

But, since I'm using AIM through my GMail, I don't have that functionality as of yet. I bet I can figure out how to do it though.

I just don't get the mentality behind someone or some company deciding its a good idea to dump themselves into contact lists, like I'm just going to open up a chat with someone because they appeared in my list. Um yeah, I'm a little busy for that, thanks. Or no thanks really.

On an unrelated note, I've now got my TwitterBar loaded up on all of the computers I regularly use so it'll be easy to drop quick updates whenever I like. Now I just need to redo my blog template to go three column and there will be space the Twitter badge in the sidebar.