Role Models

While I think little siblings get screwed over in a great many ways by being little brothers or sisters, I also think they get an awesome advantage by having a role model close to their own size to emulate and worship.

Sullivan has Graydon to look up to and to pretend to be like. As a result, Sully is alot further along on some of his developmental abilities. He has a bunch of words he uses (and he says "Noooooo" in the sweetest way possible), he tries to climb up and jump off of the same stuff Grady does and is probably going to be tough as nails because of his brother's less tender lessons.

That and Sully looks to Grady for cues, about whether something is funny, whether the music is rockin' and when its time to jump up and down on the bed to Choo Choo Bugaloo (the correct answer is that it is ALWAYS time for Choo Choo Bugaloo). Not to say that Sully isn't his own person with his own things he likes, he definitely is his own man (or little boy). He looks up to his big brother but still knows what he likes. And he really likes turning on light switches, drinking (and spilling) water in our bed and apples (all fruits really but apples are one he asks for by name).

In some ways I identify with Sully better because I am a little brother too. But it doesn't really matter, I love my two little boys more than anything in the whole world.