The Religiousification of Presidential Politics

I just happened to hear a Mike Huckabee quote about changing the US Constitution to reflect the "living word of God" which pretty much dismisses him as any suitable presidential candidate. Ever hear of the separation of Church and State, Mikey? Or those Constitutional amendments guaranteeing my right to practice my religion free of persecution? You might want to bone up on the documents you're proposing to re-write.

I understand and have zero issue with people having strong religious beliefs. My issue is when people feel justified in ramming their religious beliefs down my throat.

I don't loudly proclaim that God is a comforting figment of people's imagination and that he/she/it doesn't exist in any real sense of the word. This is my fundamental belief but I don't feel the need to talk about it all the time.

I'm sick of the religious pandering and general religiousification of our culture. Thankfully, I see alot more of the pandering on the GOP side who have absolutely zero chance of getting my vote (unless the Democrats nominate Joe Lieberman or Al Sharpton).

If Huckabee did get elected and started to move to rewrite the Constitution to suit his narrow religious needs then I would imagine (and hope) the national outrage would see him back down right quickly.

Oh yeah, the "living word of God" is an oxymoron. God doesn't speak to anyone, God doesn't write anything, the Bible is a bunch of stories written by men like you and me, it wasn't written by God's secretary and handed to man from on high. Its a storybook not unlike any other fictionalized storybook. Calling it the Word of God is illogical and false. It is the Word of God as Presumed by Man, at best.

I know this election season is going to drag out forever and a month and we will all be thoroughly sick and tired of all of it long before the end is in sight. Can't we just skip to the inauguration? We can flip a coin to see if Hillary or Barack wins since I firmly believe either would be a monumental upgrade to the current band of jackasses running the country.