My Trip to MacWorld

Okay, let's get the complaining out of the way.

For such a long running show, it was an unconscionable pain in the friggin' ass to get in. The registration areas in Moscone North were closed at 11:30 in morning and all registrations were being processed at Moscone West (a new to me building). The line went hundreds and hundreds of feet down the block and moved in fits and starts and ended in a ridiculous anarchy of lines converging on one undersized and overwhelmed badge printing counter.

It took me nearly an hour and a half from being dropped off to being able to actually go into the expo. That's about 75 minutes too long. Big thumbs down to IDG, the show management company with their logo on everything.

What I was told to bring was the wrong thing to bring, mine did not have an all important barcode. That's just stupid and sets a bad precedent for the rest of the day.

But things got better quickly after finally getting handed my badge.

I met up with Esther whom I haven't seen in a long time and it was good to see her again. We walked out and around Moscone to an Indian restaurant and had a little lunch.

My favorite thing at the show was definitely the MacBook Air. Seeing it in person was very cool, it is skinnier than an Olsen twin, and sexier. And alot less expensive. Toting that while traveling would be no problem whatsoever and the optional solid state drive would make battery life better while making the machine less susceptible to drops and other realities of computing while moving.

But there were lots of neat goodies to be had. Not alot of swag and I didn't win an iPhone or new laptop or drop cash on accessories but I got some good info, had a good time and got some interesting pictures.

I had fun, my wife and kids had fun at the Zeum nearby and we got some cool stuff at Ikea on the way home as well as a stop at In'n'Out Burger, which absolutely never fails to please. The Animal Fries are good but not recommended for consumption while driving. And the grilled onions on the cheeseburgers are truly fantastic.

MacWorld was a good time, it was a long, long day and I think I'm going to go have a slice of coconut cream pie (why yes, I did make it myself) and hit the sack. For tomorrow I return to my icy computer lab (perhaps I'll bring a space heater).