I Didn't Know What I Had Until It Was Gone

You never realize just how dependent you get on something until it is taken away. I am a power user of my mouse's scroll wheel and it really cramped my surfing and working style when the wheel (or ball to be more precise since it can move in any direction) decided to no longer enable me to scroll down.

Luckily the fix was pretty straight forward. Moisten a paper towel or cloth, rub the ball and see if that fixes it up again. If not then turn it over and repeat with some more vigorous rubbing action.

And badda-bing, we're scrolling to the bottom of pages lickety split again. Now if I could only get a longer screwdriver to tear apart an iMac with a dead power supply (hopefully its the power supply and not the hard drive which has a bunch of information the teacher still needs).

Oh yeah, my computer lab is a rather nice and warm (comparitively) fifty-nine degrees already this morning. At this rate I'll be able to take off my heavy fleece pullover just before the end of the day.