File This Under Ridiculous Waste of Time

School Cop Investigated for Porn Link on Friend's MySpace Profile

That's right, the cop is being investigated because a "friend" on MySpace had a link to a legal adult site.

I'm glad the St. Petersburg PD has nothing else to do but investigate incredibly dodgy charges of making adult content available to underage children.

Which is utterly ridiculous. I think they should go after search engines next because if I go to Google.com and type porn into the search string, it returns hundreds of thousands of explicit sex sites. And that's only two clicks!

Seriously, the moron-level in this wrong headed investigation is stunning.

Newsflash to School Officials, there's sex and nudity and violence and hate speech and loony fetishes and all manner of everything on the internets. You can't expect someone to be checking all of the links two clicks down from their profile on a daily basis. Its stupid and demonstrates that these officials investigating really don't have the first clue as to how social networking or the internet really works.

What a waste of tax payer money.