Bracing for the Storm

By all accounts we in the Bay Area are going to be getting a beating from Mother Nature over the next couple of days. The news just said the Sierra is looking at blizzard conditions and some places will be getting more than two feet of snow. We won't be getting snow, of course, but I'm sure we'll get our share of rain and Nande will make sure we get our share of mud.

And I go back to work tomorrow so that should be some interesting fun.

But for this morning, I'll be battening down the hatches and getting ready to not leave the house. Luckily we've got a Tivo all filled up of Buzz Lightyear and JoJo's Circus.

One bummer about the wet weather is that there's really only one place to take the kids and that's the mall and it gets severely crowded during rainstorms.

At least we were able to get the house cleaned up with the boys at daycare yesterday so we can start today with a mostly clean slate.