Are You Ready for Some Football....Party!

Today is our annual football party to celebrate the end of a successful football pool again. I came close to the top but ended up in third overall and I'm pretty okay with that.

The football pool party has grown to become one of the times of the year when all of the old neighborhood comes together. We all either lived together or close enough to be the same thing. But since then we've gotten married, bought houses, made kids and moved. Life goes on.

But I'm looking forward to seeing pals, watching football, letting Nande play with her pal dogs and having a few beers to celebrate the Patriots taking one step closer to a perfect-perfect season.

My predictions:
Patriots over Chargers - 35-24
Packers over Giants - 28-14

Now, if I can only get myself some of those scores on the card and make a little scratch at the party.