Who's Your Dream Candidate?

I took the Select-a-Candidate survey at Minnesota Public Radio and learned almost nothing new about my potential vote for the next president.

Not anything I didn't already know.

My scoring looks like this:
Hilary Clinton: 27
Barack Obama: 26
John Edwards: 24
Chris Dodd: 23
Joe Biden: 22
Bill Richardson: 19
Rudy Giulliani: 15
Mike Gravel: 14
Mike Huckabee: 7
Mitt Romney: 7
Ron Paul: 6
Duncan Hunter: 4
John McCain: 4
Tom Tancredo: 4
Fred Thompson: 4

A couple of thoughts: Who is Mike Gravel or Duncan Hunter? I've never heard of either of them. I like that McCain is in the bottom, he's about as far from my inclinations and desires as Bush is. I'm surprised Grinning Giulliani scored so well since there's no chance he'd get my vote. The guy puts the Der in pander.

At this point, there's zero chance I'd vote Republican since they have been very good at showing what despicable hypocrites they are.

By the way, was I the only one who saw the previous sex partners and targets of Larry Craig coming out of the woodwork? Dude must be smoking crack (and pole) if he thinks his previous gay partners weren't going to appear. He doesn't have enough money or power to make them all disappear. And embattled doesn't even begin to cover this dude's existence. Not that he doesn't deserve every bit of ridicule and speculation because of his rampant hypocrisy. Note, I don't care in the least that Larry Craig likes gay sex, that's fine by me, the problem is that he is a public crusader against gay rights while being a private purveyor of gay pleasures. And that, friends, makes him a lame ass hypocrite.