SF Zoo Tiger Attack

You have, no doubt, heard or read or seen the news about the fatal tiger attack at the SF Zoo on Christmas Day. It was and is a tragedy that ended the lives of two creatures, a 17 year old kid and a rare Siberian tiger named Tatiana.

As more and more information about the escape and attack comes out, it appears more and more likely that the three friends who were attacked were being jerks and taunting the animal. They must have about shat themselves when the 400 pound wild animal got pissed off enough to escape and exact some retribution.

Not that being a jerk means you should be mauled to death by a tiger but common sense dictates you don't piss off killing machines. Not only is a good sign that you're an asshole but, occasionally, those killing machines get loose and they remember jerks.

The investigation is on going, of course, and, if it turns out, that the three men were innocent victims of a tiger with a bad attitude then I will apologize for my words above. However, all signs are pointing to these three throwing stuff and then dangling a leg into the enclosure.

The zoo is apparently somewhat at fault for not having a more secure enclosure but if you piss off an animal enough it will figure out a way to get back at you. It is appearing that Christmas was payback day.

The whole thing is sad and was totally avoidable.