The New England Patriots completed the regular football season tonight with a perfect 16-0 record. A feat unmatched since the 1972 Dolphins.

It was a pretty good game that kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through to the end. Despite the bumbling commentary from Bryant Gumble and Chris Collinsworth.

Collinsworth in particular said some pretty stupid stuff, including that the Pats need to win the Super Bowl to have a truly successful season. Um yeah. They won all 16 regular season games and he requires a Super Bowl win to count them among the best teams of all time. Why not count the three Super Bowls they've won in the last six years.

And someone should let Gumball know what the difference is between the third and fourth quarters. At 4 minutes left in the third, he said the game had 4 minutes left. Nice work, dumbass.

The game was enough to overlook the crappy ass commentary though. Eli Manning played well, the Giants played well but not quite well enough to defeat the balanced and superb Patriots.

Bill Belichick might be an ass with a hole but he's also one hell of a good coach and I tip my hat to him, his coaches and his players. Now the real season begins!