Odd Comfort

There's something kind of nice about seeing a job you wanted, interviewed for, interviewed again for and then they end up giving the job to someone else, there's something kind of nice about seeing the job posted again a month or two later. Meaning that the person they did hire ahead of me didn't work out. There's some measure of vindication in knowing they choose poorly and have to restaff the position again so soon.

And there are the three or four people who've taken on my old job at the research company since I quit. That's less than six months each, if you want to keep score. It was the opposite when I saw an ad for the place that laid me off earlier this year. Not that I'd consider going back and definitely not now that I work at the school.

I am, of course, keeping my options open and would not have a problem taking a better job if it were offered to me. But, for now, I'm enjoying my current job and that's pretty unusual for me.