Now That's a Finish!

I didn't want anyone to try and spoil last night's Ultimate Fighter episode so I stayed up to watch it and I was really glad I did.

** SPOILER ALERT ** Do not read any further if you have not watched the episode and do not want it spoiled.

I didn't expect Matt Arroyo to drop out at all but he did have a cracked rib and that'll mess with your body as well as your head so I can't fault him. And I think it was bunkum that Mac had to fight John twice, the second fight to get into the finals. But he kicked his butt again. The rest of John's team came off like total lame suckers who didn't want to fight at all. Richie Hightower pretended to want to fight Mac but he really and truly did not and he fooled no one, Mac would have enjoyed beating him down too much. And Richie knows he's outclassed by Mac, by a good margin.

The real fight was Tommy against George. Power against skill. Technique against farmboy muscle and determination. Most folks had given the fight to George since he's such a better schooled fighter. But Tommy's strength can be overwhelming. I don't think he meant to poke George in the eye with his thumb but it happened and George couldn't see very well for a bit.

And then Tommy landed some good rights, dropped George and then jumped on him and knocked him out cold, a first for George. Tommy looked much sharper, more focused and stuck by his fight plan, basically to use his size and power to overwhelm George, which he did in impressive fashion. How much of a factor was the thumb in the eye? Hard to say but George really should have taken all the time he could to let the eye settle down and clear up for him.

But he didn't and paid for it by kissing the canvas and really being knocked cold. And, as a result, Tommy Speer made an extra five thousand bucks.

Saturday is the big finale show with Mac against Tommy, I'm not sure who's going to prevail. Mac is a very solid all around fighter with alot of experience, confidence and skill where Tommy is very strong and gaining skills rapidly. It should be a good fight and it makes me smile to know that all of Serra's fighters have been eliminated.

I'm still pissed that Serra got hurt and can't fight Hughes for the title but accidents happen and its hard to hold it against him, too much.

So, after a pretty limp season full of loser drama (Joey wants to go home to his girlfriend, Mac is a grump, the upper decker incident, blah, blah, blah) with annoying coaches (Serra is a painfully irritating person, Hughes is a Bible-thumping egoist) and alot of pretty soft fights (one fighter shows up, the other looks like a deer caught in the headlights) but, at the end of the season, a good finish can make up for a pretty poor start and middle.

And last night was a good episode with good fighting (props to John for taking the semi-final fight after Matt got hurt) and a big knockout of, who had been, the top dog in the house.