My Quarterly Rant Regarding Proofreading and Spell Checking

Folks, you may have the most compelling stories ever on your blog, you might even be trying to tell me how to not be such a grumpy asshole during the holidays. But you know what? I stopped reading your latest blog entry because it became rather glaringly obvious that you didn't bother to proof your writing. Skipped words, misspelled words and sentences that end in a dangle without a real finish.

Content may be king but formatting has gotta rank in there somewhere too.

Note, today's screed was brought on by reading a "professional" photography blog that had at least four things screwed up in the first paragraph and the mistakes didn't slow up. I stopped reading after three paragraphs and a migraine.

Please, for the love of grammar, proof your posts or, better yet, have someone else proof them before they go live. The language you are beating into a bloody pulp is my language and it doesn't need anymore abuse, it gets plenty of that from rap lyrics and drunkards.

There now, back to your revelry and last minute shopping.

[Update: As nearly always happens when I rant about bad proofing of posts, I didn't proof this one as carefully as I should have. As Pedant gently pointed out. But the flubbage (nice eh?) has been corrected almost as if it never happened.]