Merry Slopmas

I don't know about where you are but it isn't looking at all like Christmas here, unless you celebrate Christmas at the bottom of a lake. We're getting absolutely drenched with rain today and, apparently, all this week.

But they are talking about two FEET of fresh powder up in the Sierra so it'll be looking like Christmas there. And who knows, maybe we'll take a trip up north to go see the snow. Not like I don't have the time to do it since today is my last day of regular work until the 11th of January.

Yeah, yeah, don't get all hateful on me, 99% of that time is unpaid. But it is time off so there is that. And we've got two projects to keep us busy during the break so that will help some. But I will probably be working on some of my other projects to keep me from going too crazy.

I know I get zero sympathy from folks living where it is real winter now. But that's alright, I'm just kvetching during the current deluge. You won't hear any complaints when the sun is back out and I'm going riding in late December!