How Do You Christmas?

Just what the title says, how do you do your Christmas or Hanukah or Kwanzaa or Festivus or Jolly Days?

Do you pile presents under a tree and await the morning of the 25th to explode into an orgy of pretty paper shredding frenzy? Or do you open a present here and there on the way to the 25th? Is the holiday season all about traditions and decorations? Or is a non-stop party? Are you focused on children or parents or favorite cousins?

I come from pretty traditional Christmas celebrations with stockings hung on the mantle with care, a pile of presents under the tree and weeks of anticipation. Which was fun and fine.

But now we do things a little differently for a number of reasons. One, we don't wait until Christmas morning to open a pile of presents. The main reason for this is that it just overloads people with too much all at once and its hard to give each present the attention it deserves. Most especially with toys for the kids. Grady and Sully have been getting a present here and there over the last week or so and it gives them a chance to play with and appreciate the gift.

In Grady's case this is working out quite well because he gets a full day to play and appreciate each toy. And it also gives Sully a chance to play with the toy too. Though I will admit to a little nostalgia for the orgy of gift opening on Christmas morning and the piles of wrapping paper and bags full of loot.

One thing I do love is that both boys really like to make sure the Christmas tree is lit up whenever we're downstairs.