Egg on Your Facebook

Zuckerberg Apologizes, Allows Facebook Users to Evade Beacon after just last week saying they wouldn't make it an opt-in deal.

I've had and still have serious issues with Facebook and, as a result, will never use the site for any reason whatsoever. Carefully read the Terms of Use and you will realize that you are signing over the rights to your words and images forever. No, I'm not kidding and neither are they. Use the site and you are granting them permanent use and derivative use of your words and images. Which is, of course, insane.

The latest stupidity is trying to monetize their massive user base by broadcasting purchases at affiliated sites. And there was no way to turn off the "feature" until this week when massive protests made it crystal clear that it was a patently stupid idea.

I'm not a social networking person really. I like my social groups, I enjoy my online and offline communities but I don't live for them. And, I guess, that's part of the reason why I find it easy to avoid crap like MySpace and Facebook, they don't really offer anything to me that I need.

Oh yeah, there's also the hypocrisy aspect where Mark Zuckerberg wants to have an article about him possibly stealing the concept for Facebook from fellow students at Harvard. Funny how people don't mind exposing other people's dirty laundry but get all lawyered up when their own dirty tricks get aired out.

I have no interest in handing over any of my rights to a hypocrite like Mark Zuckerberg.