We Eat Cheddar X

How about a gastronomic Cheddar X for a little change?

1. What do you make sure you keep in your fridge at all times?
For me? Mustard, in about six or seven different varieties. For my two boys, milk and lots of it!

2. What is the oddest thing in your fridge?
The severed goat's head comes to mind but its worth it for when guests visit. Actually, the oddest thing is a shelf organizer that came with the fridge, takes up a ton of space and has nothing in it.

3. What is the oddest thing in your freezer?
Frozen baby teethers for when Sully's teeth start to really bug him.

4. What is your go to comfort food?
An organic Cheetoh's knock off.

5. What food reminds you of your childhood?
Peanut butter fluff sandwiches (or Fluffernutters if you're cool enough) for good memories. Split Pea Soup for the bad memories (sorry, Mom, the stuff is nasty!).

6. How often do you eat out?
Not very often, maybe once or twice a week for lunch. We will get take out every so often when neither of us feels like cooking.

7. What are you most likely to get at a drive thru?
A cheeseburger with bacon these days.

8. What's your favorite fast food?
In-n-Out Burger, the fries are fantastic and the burgers are consistently excellent, I just wish we had one closer to where we live.