Veteran's Day Family Fun

We had a fun holiday today and took advantage of the amazing fall weather we get in Santa Cruz. It took some effort but we loaded up the car with two bikes, the Wee Ride and the Trail-a-Bike.

We parked outside of Natural Bridges on the northern end of town and pedaled down to West Cliff, followed it all the way down to the lighthouse (with the wind) and then back out to Natural Bridges.

Due to technical difficulties, both Sully and Grady rode with me. Sully in his perch on the Wee Ride with a great view and well protected inside my arms. Grady trailing behind me on his one-wheeled Trail-a-Bike. His legs aren't long enough to pedal but he's trying. And he gets to learn how to hang on and lean and get comfortable on two wheels. But he is alot closer to needing his own bike to learn on his own.

But we'll cross that bridge when we have to. For now, it is alot easier to keep us all moving in the same direction together.

We had a nice snack break in the crow's nest above the beach and both the boys were ready to go riding some more. Which makes this two wheeling poppa very happy! I shot some video of the ride but it doesn't get us with on the bike, just the path in front of us.

A quick thought about walkers, they seem to tend to expand all the way across a path if they can. And single walkers will almost invariably walk down the middle of the path regardless of oncoming or overtaking traffic. Kind of odd but it was alright. No close calls at all is a good ride (and no scratches to allow the skin eating bacteria in to eat me alive, Su).

Really a perfect way to spend a day off for Veteran's Day.