Finally, A Good Week in Reality TV Land

The last of the preliminary bouts on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) took place and Tommy "Farmboy" Speer pretty well pounded the crap out of Warmachine. Warmachine landed an early blow between Tommy's eyes that made him bleed alot and nearly choked him out early in the first but that was all he was able to do. Tommy dominated him and really pounded him good. Hard enough to make Warmachine not be able to get back to his corner under his own power and then he fell off his stool.

A good, if bloody, fight.

And Jean-Robert, the fat, greasy slimeball poker player on Survivor finally got rejected by the rest of the survivors and booted. The guy is my second least favorite player of all time, behind the most annoying reality wanker of all time who won't even be named here because it probably gives him a stiffy to know how much people still hate him. But he's the scraggly dink that Danny Bonaduce tossed off of him and sent him in for a whole bunch of facial surgery after he used his face as a landing pad a few weeks or a month ago.

I still dislike Matt Serra on TUF but his day of reckoning is coming and it'll be hard for him to talk while he's getting his ass kicked.

Now all I need is for my lip to heal up and I'll be a much happier camper again.