Energy Cost Comparisons

An interesting comparison in this month's Discover magazine.

To produce 115,400 Btu, the amount of energy in a gallon of gasoline, it'll cost you:
Gasoline: $3.35
Nuclear: $3.75
Solar: $14.44
Hydropower: $0.91
Wind: $1.66
Geothermal: $1.69
Biofuel: $2.70
Natural Gas: $5.37

Nuclear, Solar, Hydro and Natural Gas are based on high average price per kilowatt-hour according to the California Energy Commission.

Solar will continue to get less expensive as the technology develops. Wind is already a great deal and I've love to get a residential wind turbine going. Heck, I'd love a farm of them. But Hydropower trumps them all and by a decent margin.

Just some energy food for thought.