The Dog Realizes He's a White Fool Not a Black Man

Dog: I've Learned I'm Not Black at All

Okay, I'll preface this by saying that I absolutely cannot stand Dog the Bounty Hunter, not the show and not the man. Secondly, dude should try using some sunscreen, he's got leatherface up the ying-yang. Thirdly, the mullet and beads thing is probably the worst fashion statement since legwarmers. Fourthly, all the God talk to captured bail jumpers is incredibly condescending and just plain wrong.

With that out of the way, the guy uses the N word like its going out of style during a private conversation with his kid who happens to have a black girlfriend. What a great role model. The guy told his son to break up with his girlfriend because he didn't want to have to censor himself from using the N word around her and she might get offended and someone might sell the story to the Enquirer and ruin his life and all his hard work.

The reality is that Dog is a blatantly racist asshole who would rather think his son has a drug habit and needed the money byb outing him instead of realizing that maybe, just maybe, the kid loves his girlfriend and chose her over him. But who knows?

I'm just glad that awful show with him and his ridiculously huge chested wife are off the air. I hated hearing him talk about coming to God with people who broke the law because there's nothing like a sermon in handcuffs.

Good riddance to a bad and annoying Dog.