Crosswalks = Target Practice

I'm almost used to good manners being a complete afterthought in Watsonville, where I currently live. Almost because its still a pain in the ass when some fat cracker knocks into you and then looks at you like you got in their way on purpose. Or that there's absolutely no manners from people on the road.

It is annoying but there's really not much that can be done about it. Not without taking a tire iron to people's heads all the time and I'm not sure the message would come across anyway. And I'd just end up getting arrested.

But when someone is in a crosswalk, with a dog, it is the rare occasion when a car slows down and almost unheard of for them to stop and allow you to cross the street.

Today, when I took Nande down for a short run in the slough, one car approaching stopped for me, which was nice. The car on the other side stopped as well, which was amazing. And the car behind that one laid on his horn because he was so inconvenienced by having to move his big fat foot to the brake pedal. And, I know I shouldn't have, but I could resist shouting a little bit at him about crosswalks and traffic laws.

It galls the hell out of me that people are such overt assholes on the road. It makes pretty sad to know that my children already have better manners than most of the adults in my town. Poor manners are a sign of poor parenting and I'd have to say that most of the parents in my town failed, badly.