Annoyances Cheddar X

It was about time to put up a new Cheddar X (and hey, I upgraded the blog as well!) so here it is.

1. What are your top 5 political annoyances?
Rudy Guiliani - he looks like a goblin when he grins
John McCain - never met a jowl he didn't like and that whole pandering thing
ShrubCo - he's a leader only he's led us down a dark and very dangerous path
Dick Cheney - he's just a mean and vindictive old bastard
The bile that passes for debate spewed by jackasses like Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and others. They are poisonous to real debate about the real issues facing our country.

2. What are your top 4 entertainment annoyances?
Paris Hilton, the show Friends, Simon Cowell and Dr. Phil.

3. What are your top 3 family annoyances?
Not having enough money move, having to work when I'd rather be with my kids and feeling like the mess and clutter are neverending. Sorry, going for #4, the screeching contests my two boys engage in, they make me feel like my ears are bleeding.

4. What are your top 2 SO (that's signicant other) annoyances?
Um, I'll respectfully pass on this one. Oh what the hell, she doesn't turn things off (tv's, computers, lights, etc.) and she doesn't put things away in a reasonable period of time.

5. What is your single greatest annoyance right now?
Not being able to sell this damned house and move somewhere with more space, more privacy and a bigger yard for Nande to roam (and poop) in.