The A-Rod Watch Begins

My favorite not-too-subtley-biased baseball writer, Jeff Passan, has penned the Top 10 A-Rod destinations.

I call him not-too-subtley-biased because of his quite outspoken dislike, distrust and condemnation of Barry Bonds in spite of never having failed a drug test. That's fine though, he's demonstrated a capable and strong understanding of the sport outside of this particular arena and I can respect his perspective even if I did rip him a freshie when he first came to Yahoo Sports. He actually wrote me an email and thanked me for my creative nicknaming convention! Gotta love a journalist who can take it as well as dish it out.

And I like his columns, especially the ones that focus on speculating where the biggest free agent in the history of the game is going to end up. No, not Barry Bonds, we're talking about Alex Rodriguez.

Now that the Red Sox are resting on their laurels in the wake of World Series Championship #2, the baseball universe turns its eyes to the off season free agent market movers.

I hope my Giants are a real contender in landing the big fish. I think he'd love San Francisco, would love hitting in AT&T Park and would instantly make the team a real contender. It will make the offseason bearable and what a great way to start the 2008 season if they do land him!

[Update: There is a rumor that A-Rod's agent, Scott Boras (the worst thing to ever happen to the game of baseball), is seeking $350 million to sign A-Rod. To which I say, let him sign anywhere else. No player is worth that much and Scott Boras is a douchebag for continuing to wreck the game.]