The Ultimate Fighter: Season Six Review

I finally got a chance to watch this last week's episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Hughes vs. Serra. This week's fight was between goofy but tall Ben Saunders and burly but God-jabbering Dan Cabrera.

What I've concluded is that I pretty much dislike both coaches. Matt Serra because he's the protypical pudgy, loud New York/New Jersey-er. You can always tell one, you just can't tell him much.

And Matt Hughes? Well, first off, he's an asshole which is a bad place to start. Don't get me wrong, he's a fantastic fighter but that seems to work against him in this show's format. Aside from the first fight, his team has lost each fight. And he takes out those losses on his team. He thrashes on one of the fighters to "teach" them. He is divisive and then there was the whole Bible lesson earlier in the season and the team prayer crap.

Look, I don't fault people for their religious beliefs, believe what you like but keep your beliefs to yourself. Do not try to foist your beliefs on other people, do not assume your beliefs are superior and do not attempt to convert people. Follow those simple rules and we don't have a problem but Hughes has no problem trying to work in his belief systems.

In the last episode, Dan was prepping for his fight and going a little too balls out (he dropped a knee on a teammate's nuts while grappling) so Hughes stepped in and basically kicked his ass all over the mat. At some point, Dan's hand got squashed and it swelled up to nearly three times normal size but that's beside the point. Matt Hughes takes out his aggravation at losing matches on his fighters. And that makes him Captain Asshole in my book.

The fight itself was a pretty good one, bloody and dynamic. The first round clearly went to Dan, the second to Ben so I was looking forward to a third round to break the tie. But the judges didn't see it that way and Ben won the fight by taking both rounds. Even Dana White, the president of the UFC, said it was a horrible call and ended up giving each fighter $5000 to help compensate. I'd imagine those judges will never work in the UFC again, nor should they since they completely and utterly muffed the call.

This is kind of a lame season for me. I can't stand either coach and most of the fights have been below average. And there was the whole Joey bullshit early in the season, basically the guy lost the first fight and then wanted to quit and go home. Only he was Serra's pal and they drug out the process for weeks until everyone had finally had enough of his shit and he left.

Two more weeks of preliminary bouts including Tommy Speer who pounded on Ryan a few times. He's one of the better fighters since he's not fought yet so I'm looking forward to that. And I'm looking forward to Serra and Hughes beating the hell out of each other in the finale. I expect Hughes will win but you never know.