The Ultimate Fighter: Another Review

I just watched the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Hughes vs. Serra.

It was probably one of the worst fights I've ever seen on the show. George from "Team Serra" is a selfish douchebag who flew off the handle on his teammate when he was asked a pretty simple favor. J-Rock from Team Hughes was all muscle and bluster and demonstrated almost nothing in the ring. He just couldn't pull the trigger and engage.

It was lame, just like most of this entire season has been lame. Easily the worst season yet.

I hope Tommy "Farmboy" Speer vs Warmachine next week turns out to be a better fight. It damned well better. Or I'm about done with this season altogether.

And I'd really like to have a "Mute Matt Serra" button on my remote. The guy is about the most annoying guy ever. Not that Matt Hughes is much better but at least he doesn't have that freakin' voice.

The only thing I have to look forward to is watching Hughes pound the whiny, annoying snot out of Matt Serra at the end of the season.