Sometimes The Awfulness in the World is Overwhelming

This may seem stupid but I'm pretty much beyond caring about that sort of thing anymore. I'll act like a total idiot in public if I need to in order to make my boys laugh or to get them in the car or out of the car or to distract them from screaming or whatever.

I was watching CSI last night, the Las Vegas original not that lame ass David Caruso version, and the episode centered around a small child found dead in a box in the garbage. He'd been beaten repeatedly and neglected and had eventually starved to death.

Yes, its just a tv show but the news is full of cases quite alot like this. The Richmond mother who watched her boyfriend beat her son to death and then drove to Arizona with the body to try and not get caught and punished for it. The Bay Area mom who systematically tortured and abused her son until he eventually died in her care. Ther Berkeley mother who poisoned and suffocated her nine year old son.

And I don't know why, I've known about these despicable acts for most of my life. One of the side effects of growing up with a pediatric social worker mom. I've heard and seen things that people did to their children that would turn your stomach. I know there is evil in the world, I know people do horrible things to each other, to their children and to their animals. Usually I am able to keep that ugliness from really affecting me but last nigh the show really got me. It made me want to cry and I had a very hard time getting to sleep.

There's no way for me to control what happens in the rest of the world, there is only my tiny world where I have my two boys, my wife and my house. And all I can do is try to make this world the best place it can be. Really, its all any of us can do.

We have a choice each and every day, do good or do evil. For all humanity's sake, I'd appreciate it if you chose good.