Some Parenting Tips

After letting my brother in law know a couple of my tricks and tips for making life with kids and their toys more bearable, I thought it made sense to repost some of the advice here for great consumption.

First off, I want it noted that I think toy manufacturers should be required to include mute and/or off switches. The fact that I've got toys that can't be turned off and are loud is just stupid. Actually, we either modify or get rid of overloud toys.

Which brings me to my first tip.
1. For a kid's toy that is just crazy loud/annoying and there's no volume control, you can put tape over the speaker and it'll mute it substantially. In worst case scenarios, I've even used silicon goo to fill the holes or slats in on the speaker.

2. Did you know that you can use regular food coloring drops in the bathtub? Add ten drops of blue and watch how jazzed up your toddler will get. Unless you've already been using those tablets and then the parents will be jazzed up when they realize they're not dropping $3 on each of those little cans of fizzing color tabs. One note, the drops of color will stain while suspended in foamy bubbles. But it also looks really neat too.

3. Changing diapers is not fun but it must be done. A really good idea is to use the clean diaper as a diaper pad under the kid. That way, if he takes, as we like to say, makes some mud during a change, you're covered. That is, you're not covered in baby mud, the second diaper is there is protect you.

4. Pizza cutters (the wheel with a handle kind) are your friends. They are really useful for safely slicing up lots and lots of stuff in the kitchen and not having to worry (so much) about your toddler getting a hold of it and causing himself damage.

I'm sure I've got more that I don't even think of as tips but I'll start working on the next installment.