Paradigm Shifts and Who ARE These Children?

It is just past 7 in the morning. At about twenty to seven, Sully was awake and tried to get up on our bed so he could dance. At seven Grady was asking to brush his teeth. Both are filled to the brim with goofy little boy excitement.

And me? I'm getting ready to go to work. Today is my first regular start and they must have sensed the shift in the universe around the house. Yesterday Grady kept asking where I was and I guess the boys did not want to miss a little bit of "Poppa-time" today.

They are hilarious little boys. Right now they are dancing on our bed to the goofy songs by The Wiggles and behaving like crazed monkies. And don't even get me started on Grady's "Taggy Politics", the kid has a very elaborate system for deciding which taggy is the one he needs at any given moment.

Oh yeah, I had more weird and very vivid dreams again last night. For like the fifth night in a row.