Mousetraps are Out, Bags of Pirate's Booty are In

The mice are down one soldier as of Saturday afternoon. He must have gone out looking for food during a rare quiet time during the day. Things don't stay quiet here for very long and he got stuck in the bag of Pirate's Booty on the counter. The cat was nosing around the bag and we saw it wobble back and forth of its own accord.

I grabbed the bag, rolled the top down, sealing him in. A strip of the duct tape and he was locked up.

Paula took him down to the slough for the release part of the equation. Neither of us really wanted to kill the mouse, we just didn't want him and his family taking up residence in our cupboards.

One down, at least one more to go.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. I heard a quiet crunch, crunch, crunch coming from under the toaster during a lull in the football crushing I was undergoing. I peeked and saw a pointy little whiskered face gnawing on a piece of a pretzel rod.

After a short chase, he did end up getting away but I hope I scared him good. The next step will be the escalation of the war against them from live traps to the ones that don't leave them alive. Not something we want to do but we also have no interest in sharing our house with them since they tend to poop, well, everywhere.

We'll get them, maybe not yesterday but maybe today or tomorrow or soon.

I wonder if they laugh in their little hiding holes because our cat lacks the claws required to get the job done?