Marion Jones: Cheater and Fraud

Marion Jones Admits Doping for 2000 Olympics and Olympic winner Marion Jones now loser after doping plea

Which, effectively, deletes her life in professional sports. She's an admitted cheater, she should lose her medals, lose her endorsements and be subject to lawsuits for fraud. Oh yeah, and all of her race results should be voided.

I watched her admission, apology and retirement and felt some pangs of sympathy for her as she basically came as clean as she could. And then I remembered that she was one of the loudest deniers of steroid use back when it was alleged, she swore up and down that she was clean, she profited wildly from her lies and fraud and then any sympathy I had for her is gone.

The worst part isn't the fact that she cheated and won, well maybe it is, but it is intensified by her loud and vociferous denials. Her public outrage at being accused even! And now we learn the truth that she was just another cheater all the time.

I hope the winners who got cheated out of their medals in 2000 sue her for damages and lost opportunities. I hope her life becomes a cautionary tale of what not to do. I hope someone somewhere, who's wavering on the fence about doping to win, sees her personal agony and public humiliation and says no to the needle and the cream. And just tries harder.

History will not and should not be kind to Marion Jones and her deceit.