Lessons from the Cat

I almost forgot to post this from last night. We've been having a minor mouse problem in the house and the cat has started to step up her hunting to compensate, or something.

So she's been pawing at the cabinets in order to get in and see if she can catch one. I let her into the cabinet that has our appliances and then forgot she was in there.

A few minutes lter she decided she wanted out and didn't feel like waiting for us to open the door (all the cabinets have safety latches on them to keep the little boys out).

Instead of making noise to get our attention she took the bull by the horns and got herself out, almost. The drawer above the appliances is where we keep our silverware and it was open a few inches. She figured it was enough and worked her way up and into the drawer.

And got herself good and stuck. Imagine my surprise when I saw her head poking out from among the spoons! With a little extra help, she extricated herself and got out.

The lesson I learned is: Where there is a will, there is a way.