I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

We felt the effects of the 5.6 magnitude quake over near San Jose here in Watsonville tonight, about 25 miles away.

It was, far and away, the most powerful earthquake I've felt or been through. The Loma Prieta quake predated my move to California by a good six years. There are still signs of the damage from that quake that pretty much leveled a good portion of Santa Cruz and caused damage all up and down the central coast.

Tonight's quake was felt as a sustained and circular sort of shaking. It lasted about 15 seconds, long enough to get a little freaked out and grab the children.

Take a look at the incident map and that big square in the middle there? That's the first one and those little squares around it are aftershocks.

Makes me glad we've got a good supply of food, a decent supply of fresh water stored and we're all together. But I know there's more we can do to be prepared for when the next big, big one does hit. Because it isn't a question of "if" it is a question of when.