Gut Punched

Today was supposed to be a Good Friday for us. I'd interviewed really well earlier this week and knew I was the strongest candidate for the position. Its with a company I'd love to work with as they are a total world leader in the sports field.

And I got the call a little while ago to let me know that I did not get the job. Nor did the other candidates. Someone who'd had the position before popped up out of nowhere and said "Hi, I'm available again" and got hired back. For my goddamned job!

Of course there is a little bit of silver lining. The woman I interviewed with was sufficiently impressed with me to tell the HR contact to find me a job with the company. And that's nice and all but I cannot afford to wait around, I need to be working last week, not next week or next month.

It isn't the only hot lead I had going but it was the most exciting and a job I could have really embraced and made my own.

So it is back to the job boards and the application process. I have another interview this afternoon, totally different job but something I'd also like to do.

Its really hard not to get down about these repeat disappointments but a depressed job candidate might as well show up drunk and naked since neither gets the job and being drunk and naked is at least fun.

Damn it all!