Eff You and Your Visa Debit/Check Card Guilt Too

Have you seen Visa's commercials lately, where people are all lined up and commerce is running smoothly since everyone is paying with their Visa debit/check until someone cocks it all up by having the audacity to want to pay with, shock, cash.

And everyone around him or her gives him angry looks and the cashier is like "You're a total loser, dood".

The premise being that your life will be better by just using your card to pay with and Visa gets their cut of the transaction, of course.

Only thing is, aren't merchants supposed to be checking ID's with these cards and, you know, verifying that the person wielding is the right person. Notwithstanding the affront to decency that is trying to guilt people into using their stupid ass product and trying to demonize cold hard cash as being slow and inefficient.

It is almost as annoying as the Hummer commercials that try to get buyers by showing how cool their children will be perceived. Hummers are oversized gas-guzzling crapwagons for losers who need to compensate for their tiny egos and, likely, cocks.

Annoying, peer pressure marketing is lame, lazy and limp. Do not succumb!